Brain-Based Learning for Adults Helps Get Results

Brain Based Learning for Adults Helps Get Results

Brain-Based Learning for Adults Helps Get Results

As a trainer, I have been a strong advocate of brain-based learning for adults (sometimes referred to as accelerated learning) for years. I love to watch the reaction of adult learners who walk into my classrooms and encounter a variety of environmental components related to brain-based learning research. For example, colorful balloons on the wall, music playing in the background, colored handouts neatly lined up on their tables, manipulative toys, and other fun session-related novelties or props. As they enter, I greet them with a smile at the door and introduce myself. Their typical reaction is “Am I in the right room for…?”

The wonderful thing about using strategies associated with brain-based learning for adults is that I am able to pique learner interest and get them immediately mentally and physically engaged. This occurs without my having to say anything. I do this by creating a novel environment that pulls participants of their comfort zone since a “normal” adult learning environment does not contain such elements. Later, when I ask their reaction to the environment during my opening remarks, I typically hear things like, “This is going to be fun” or “This is different.” Because of my efforts during session design, learner expectations are raised and they are likely to be more receptive to information that I will provide. Also, some brain-based learning research indicates that by introducing elements, such as, sound, motion, movement, fun, color, and novelty, you can create an environment in which learners potentially better gain, retain, recall and use what they experience.

You can create similar experiences for any adult learner by gaining more knowledge about brain-based learning strategies (neuroscience of learning). You can then create environments where participants have the opportunity to become engaged in their learning while having fun.

Search this blog for other articles on brain-based learning for adults and accelerated learning. Also, to identify hundreds of ways to apply brain-based learning techniques and creative training strategies that you can easily and inexpensively use in your adult learning environments, get copies of The Creative Training Idea Book: Inspired Tips and Techniques for Engaging and Effective Learning, Energize Your Training: Creative Techniques to Engage Learners and Creative Learning: Activities and Games That Really Engage People.

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