Combining Accelerated Learning and Brain Based Research to Benefit Learners

Combining Accelerated Learning and Brain-Based Research to Benefit Learners

Brain-based learning theorists and researchers have been working for decades to discover new information on how to effectively increase learning and memory in adult learners. Some of the things that they have found most effective involve active learner engagement techniques and strategies related to accelerated learning.

Combining Accelerated Learning with Research

By tapping into studies and findings by Malcolm Knowles (Adult Learning Theory), Georgi Lozanov, and a variety of brain researchers, creative trainers can more effectively enhance learning outcomes.

If these ideas and creating an adult learning environment that can engage adult learners and help them better gain and assimilate what they experience, get copies of my books The Creative Training Idea Book: Inspired Tips and Techniques for Engaging and Effective Learning, Energize Your Training: Creative Techniques to Engage Learners, and Creative Learning: Activities and Games That Really Engage People.

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Robert W. Lucas is an internationally-known author and learning and performance expert. He specializes in workplace performance-based training and consulting services. Furthermore, he has four decades of experience in human resources development, management, and customer service in a variety of organizational environments. Robert Lucas was the 1995 and 2011 President of the Central Florida Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

Robert W. Lucas has lived, traveled, and worked in 28 different countries and geographic areas. During the past 40 years, Bob has shared his knowledge with workplace professionals from hundreds of organizations, such as Webster University, AAA, Orange County Clerk of Courts, Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Martin Marietta, all U.S. military branches, and Wachovia Bank. In addition, Bob has provided consulting and training services to numerous major organizations on a variety of workplace learning topics. To contact Bob visit his website at or his blog

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