Creative Flip Chart Review in Training

Creative Flip Chart Review in Training

Flip charts are a great way to present a visual record of progress made in a session. Without embarrassing themselves or disturbing others, those who arrive late or who need to find out what happened in the meeting can refer to the meeting’s flip charts if they’ve been posted on the walls. Participants can look around the room and see what has been discussed thus far.

Creative Flip Chart Review in Training

A savvy facilitator can easily walk to a point at a specific chart or item and reinforce or refer to it throughout the session. They can do so without interrupting the flow of content being delivered; as when they have to scan back through slides or other visual materials to revisit or re-emphasize a previous point.

Creative Flip Chart Review in Training by The Creative Trainer

Posting flip chart pages throughout the session provide for an excellent silent review process. This is not possible with slides or other computer graphic material that has to be searched to project it.

Additionally, by posting pages during a session, they can be used for later review. For example, at the end of the session, the facilitator can play a game in which participants have to answer questions or discuss issues or points brought out during the program. As the game progresses, participants can refer to the posted information as “cheat sheets.”

For additional creative ideas on using flip charts, get a copy of The Big Book of Flip Charts: A Comprehensive Guide for Presenters, Trainers and Team Facilitators by Robert W. Lucas


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