Creative Flip Chart Tip – Alternative to Post-It Flip Chart Pads

Creative Flip Chart Tip – Alternative to Post-It Flip Chart Pads

Some trainers, facilitators, and educators like using the Post-It flip chart pads with the adhesive strip along the top of pages. These allow you to adhere to pages to a wall without using painters or masking tape. I personally do not like this type of paper since the glue makes it difficult to roll evenly and store, then reuse pre-draw pages that you want to take along to the next session. This type of paper also makes it difficult to flip a page over the top of the easel once you finish writing on it and want to go to another page.

Creative Flip Chart Tip

If you do not plan to re-use your pages after a session, there is a cheaper alternative to these more expensive pads with the glue strip. Buy a standard flip chart pad and a can of repositionable artists adhesive spray.  Before participants arrive, tear off a sheet of paper from the pad and spray the back with the adhesive. Adhere the page to the back of a metal flip chart easel or the pad of paper on an easel. After you have written what you want on it, remove and adhere the page to the wall or other surface.

Always test the spray adhesive on paper that you place on an obscure area of the wall to ensure no damage results – some fabric wall surfaces might discolor (especially if you buy a cheaper brand of spray). Additionally, the spray usually has a strong odor. Always follow instructions on the package and use it in a ventilated area. Also, keep in mind some participants might have allergies or respiratory conditions, so use it before they arrive in a well-ventilated area.

For additional creative ideas on making, using, storing, and transporting flip charts, get a copy of The Big Book of Flip Charts: A Comprehensive Guide for Presenters, Trainers, and Team Facilitators.

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