Creative Training Ideas For Engaging Adult Learners

Creative Training Ideas For Engaging Adult LearnersCreative Training Ideas For Engaging Adult Learners

Technology has added a variety of new tools from which trainers and educators can benefit and enhance their adult learning environments. By using creative training strategies that actively engage learners and involve participants in the learning process, you can potentially increase opportunities for them to more effectively gain, retain, recall, and use what they experience.

Creative Training Ideas For Engaging Adult Learners by The Creative Trainer

Researchers have found that the brain responds well in adult learning environments that incorporate elements such as fun, novelty, engagement, motion, color, light, and sound. To capitalize on this data, you can add electronic learning games. By adding this to your workshop to capture, it could hold learner attention while reinforcing key program concepts. Software packages such as Game Show Presenter® and Classroom Jeopardy® are both excellent vehicles for sharing and reviewing information in an interactive learning environment and tapping into the three primary adult learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). With such software, you can create your own categories based on key session topics, then develop questions to which learners respond individually or in teams. The book, I’ll Take Learning for 500, also provides great ideas for incorporating game shows into your training sessions, workshops, and adult learning classes.

For hundreds of additional, fun, and innovative training ideas. As well as learning strategies that are based on brain-based learning research, get copies of The Creative Training Idea Book: Inspired Tips and Techniques for Engaging and Effective Learning and Training Workshop Essentials: Designing, Developing and Delivering Learning Events That Get Results.

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  1. Learning is an ongoing process, actually a lifelong process. Adults have plenty to learn as well as they should want to continue to learn. There are several interactive and intriguing resources to help adults grow in their cognitive skills. Many adults think getting help is something that should be out of the question. But in fact, getting personalized help that is fact-to-face is the best way to assess you current cognitive level and develop a strategy to reach the goals that are desired.

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