Nonverbal Communication Tip For Trainers

Nonverbal Communication Tip For Trainers

Anyone who has done any amount of training knows that there are times when participants will have side conversations unrelated to the session topic. Not only is this distracting for others, but those involved likely also miss key information that can cause problems later.

Nonverbal Communication Tip For TrainersTo effectively control such behavior, a classic nonverbal classroom management technique can be employed without interrupting your content delivery or unduly drawing attention to the situation. Here’s how it works. Simply continue to talk as you casually walk in the direction of the talkers.

Once you are directly in front of them, make eye contact, and smile as you continue to deliver your message. This will typically refocus their attention and alert them that you are aware of their behavior. If this fails to work, pause, then ask them a question related to what you have just said. Normally this slight embarrassment will do the trick.

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