Preparing for Effective Flip Charts Use

Preparing for Effective Flip Charts Use

The beauty of flip charts as a training aid is that with a bit of planning and practice most people can deliver and record information like a professional with them.

Preparing for Effective Flip Charts Use by The Creative Trainer – Robert W. Lucas, Awarding Winning Creative Training Author

Here are three flip chart tips that will help you in your quest to look like a flip chart expert:

Preparing for Effective Flip Charts Use

1.  Create a colorful cover sheet that introduces your topic and have it showing as participants walk into the room.

2.  Place 2-3 inch strips of masking tape along the edge of your flip chart easel before learners arrive so that it is ready when you are to post pages on the wall with minimum effort and lost time.

3.  Put tabs made of 1-2 inch masking tape (this works better than the blue or green painters tape for visibility) or sticky note paper strips on each page and write the flip chart page topics on them. This allows you to quickly identify content on-page that you want to flip to during your session.

BONUS TIP: When using tip number 3, print the content topic on both the front and back of each tab so that you can read them whether the page has been turned or not.