Three Brain-Based Learning Environment Tips

Three Brain-Based Learning Environment Tips

There have been hundreds of studies completed to discover how the brain receives, processes, and stores information (brain-based learning). Trainers and adult educators can use much of this research to help ensure that any learning event that they conduct will be more successful through the utilization of concepts related to brain stimulation.

The following are three tips that can help anyone involved in sharing information or skills with others in an adult learning environment be more successful:

  1. Allow learners to take control of their own learning whenever possible by encouraging them to get actively engaged in the process.
  2. Begin each class or session on an upbeat note by using an icebreaker activity to capture attention and set the tone for what will follow.
  3. Create an environment that is brain-positive by ensuring that environmental elements such as temperature, lighting, sound, furnishings, and other elements contribute rather than detract from learning.

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Three Brain-Based Learning Environment Tips by The Creative Trainer – Robert W. Lucas

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