Two Keys to Flip Chart Success

Two Keys to Flip Chart Success

Two Keys to Flip Chart Success

I have found two things, in particular, to be very helpful in presenting a professional image as a trainer and making presentations with flip charts easier.

Two Keys to Flip Chart Success by The Creative Trainer – Robert W. Lucas, Awarding Winning Adult Learning & Training Author

And these are things most of us were taught as children:

The first — gather and organize all your toys.

Translated, this means to ensure you have the materials and information you will need for the session before participants arrive. I cover the concept of a trainer’s toolbox in another article, but in brief…think about what you will need to communicate your message effectively and arrange to have it for the session or meeting. This includes handouts, additional audiovisual equipment, accessories, markers, rulers, posters, or whatever else will use to help participants understand concepts that you are trying to share with them.

The second thing I believe is crucial — if you are going to play with the toys… read the instructions first.

Effectively training adults and presenting information using a flip chart are relatively simple tasks, if you take the time to prepare in advance. They can be done well or poorly, depending on the degree of effort that you exert. Spend some time to learn the “rules of the game” and practice your skills. You’ll be surprised at how a little investment of time upfront can pay satisfying dividends during your next learning event.

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