Using Flip Charts Like a Pro

Using Flip Charts Like a Pro

Here are three techniques that will add to your confidence level in using flip charts before any group:

Using Flip Charts Like a Pro1.   Prepare flip charts in advance and take time to design your pages on a paper pad or piece of copy paper before transferring them to sheets of flip chart paper. This will help you picture how they will look and will save you a lot of money in wasted flip chart paper…which is not cheap.

2.  When you start transferring your designs to flip chart paper, use a yardstick or straight edge to get the lines of text straight if you are not investing in the more expensive lined or graph type flip chart pads.

3.  Use three different colored water-based markers for your font to add visual variety and tie to brain-based learning research. Some research suggests that color in the learning environment stimulates brain neurons and can aid learning.

Using Flip Charts Like a Pro by The Creative Trainer – Robert W. Lucas, Awarding Winning Author, and Adult Learning Blogger

Stick to darker colors (black, brown, dark blue, and dark green) since these are more easily visible from a distance. Only use lighter pastel colors to highlight and add colorful graphics to enhance your text. Create all your header or title lines in one color and alternate sequentially with two other colors (e.g. blue, green, blue, green, etc) for lines of text.

BONUS TIP: Use the same colors for titles and text throughout all your pages during a session. This potentially helps learners mentally “tune in” and know what to expect. Otherwise, they may have to mentally pause and scan a subsequent page when it first appears in order to focus attention instead of listening to your initial comments about the page topic.

For additional ideas, techniques, and strategies for designing creative flip charts, get a copy of The Big Book of Flip Charts: A Comprehensive Guide for Presenters, Trainers, and Team Facilitators.

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