Using Quotes to Help Create a Brain-Based Learning Environment

Using Quotes to Help Create a Brain-Based Learning Environment

An easy and useful way to reinforce information and concepts that you will share during adult learning events is to quote famous people or experts on the topic of the session.

By either posting colorful quotes on flip chart pages or poster board or creating slides that either rotate before the session or during breaks or are inserted at appropriate points in the presentation, you can add variety and interest to the content. You can also include quotes in your handouts.Using Quotes to Help Create a Brain Based Learning Environment

Build a collection of quotes on the topics you facilitate. This allows you to switch them as needed or desired in subsequent sessions. Doing so helps keep participants interested each time they come to training and also creates a stimulating environment for you. This is especially important if you have some participants returning on multiple days. You will want each day to be fresh and stimulating in order to spark a positive emotional reaction.

Using Quotes to Help Create a Brain-Based Learning Environment by The Creative Trainer

Related to posting quotes, if you have a standard training room in your organization, you may want to remove or cover pictures or images that do not complement your content and can distract learners when their attention lags. Replace them with your own themed images or quotes.

These simple changes can help generate thought in learners. Relate this to rearranging the furniture in a room of your home to make it look different, or to wearing different clothes each day of the week to project a variety of images. In doing such things, your brain has to stop and go through a conscious effort of cognition and reflection as you select different items, thus stimulating brain neurons.

For additional ideas on creating a stimulating brain-based learning environment for adults, get a copy of The Creative Training Idea Book: Inspired Tips and Techniques for Engaging and Effective Learning by Robert W. Lucas.

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